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Supreme Righteousness [24 Jul 2007|06:09am]
Shit is back, folks: http://www.supremerighteousness.com

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Announcement [26 Jun 2007|03:24am]
I'm paring down my friends' list to people who a) still write in their journal, b) are as candid as I am about their lives, and c) still share some meaningful emotional, social, cultural, or intellectual connection with me.

If you're not on that list, you shouldn't take offense. I value each and every person whom I've met and known, but there are practical and principled reasons for limiting who can access a medium where I share this kind of stuff.

Meanwhile, I'm about to re-start my real blog, Supreme Righteousness in a couple of days. It should prove to be relatively bangin' and more ambitious and thought-provoking than the last go-round. Errythang from rap to politics and maybe even the totally unexpected topic of video games will have a place there. The more personal shit will stay here.

If you think I removed you either rashly or accidentally, hit me up. Otherwise, it's been fun, folks.

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